An additional writing skill that helps to increase traffic to a website or blog is search engine optimisation.
To appear among the top search engine rankings, any online content needs search engine optimisation.
Implementing keywords and phrases to improve a website's ranking is the focus of seo content writing. This method combines content development and SEO tactics.
In this post, tools and procedures that should be used when writing seo friendly content are given. We will also discuss the important attributes and functions of these tools in creating content for high-ranking websites.

5 recommended tools for SEO writing
After going over the key terms for SEO writing, let's speak about the tools that may be used to carry out these techniques:

1. Grammerly

It's important to check that our written text is free of simple errors before including any technical SEO terms. Grammarly offers a variety of trustworthy and effective tools to support the author's original content.
As implied by its name, Grammarly offers more services than just grammar checking. In addition, it offers a plagiarism checking service.
Additionally, it enables the correction of errors, spelling issues, the proper use of tenses, and the determination of the content's clarity.

2. Edit Pad

The user-friendly Edit Pad can be used as both an online text editor and a notepad. This tool's interface is simple and has the same appearance and feel as Microsoft Notepad.
To use this editor, you don't need to install any special extensions or programmes. Simply navigate to the "create a new note" option on the Edit Pad website. Text can be online edited thanks to the responsive interface. When developing Meta titles and descriptions, it is helpful to have the UI mention the required word count and character count.
You may carry out a number of activities with this straightforward application, including checking for plagiarism, paraphrasing content, and completing grammar checks.

3. Google Keyword Planner

The best tool for identifying the building blocks of your optimised content is the Keyword Planner by Google Ads. Google Keyword Planner is a tool that SEO writers can use to research keywords and investigate current trends.
Using this tool will offer you a better understanding of your online competitors and the terms and phrases you should use in your material.
More people would visit your website if you included relevant keywords in your content.

4. Google Search Console

Google provides a number of tools to help websites perform better so they show up in Google Search Results.
Based on the calibre of its material, the Google Search Console gauges the volume of searches. Additionally, it enables proposals to address numerous problems and improve a website's functionality.
Because Google Search Console informs you of the precise keywords that are assisting in the ranking of your website, this tool can be useful for SEO writers to analyse and track the performance of the site.
You can keep track of the impressions and clicks your website receives from search engine results.

5. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is the tool of choice for performing the greatest SEO analysis.
For SEO authors, this tool is a fantastic delight because it provides a deeper grasp of the pertinent phrases and terms utilized on rival websites.
In order to receive a performance score indicating the quality and density of keywords, SEO writers might upload their work to a website.
Additionally, Surfer SEO analyses top Google keyword rankings and provides pertinent phrases to raise the visibility of content.


Because of how much information is available online, there is a sense of competitiveness among blogs and websites.
Along with providing accurate and distinctive information, concentrating on the elements that make content appear in search results is essential.
Writing professionals may create high-quality material that increases traffic to a blog or website by using the appropriate tools and approaches. Analyzing your website with SEO tools is advantageous, much like checking written material.

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